Revisited: The Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex

Revisited: The Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex

PRODUCTS might be our passion but PEOPLE are the jewel in our crown.

Admittedly we LOVE what we do and we’re extremely proud of our range of smart, flexible furniture. But. At the heart of all we do, customer satisfaction is our truest measure of success and we are only as happy as our customers. So it is that our proudest achievements are actually the strong, lasting relationships we cultivate with our customers and clients along the way.

Today we’re talking about one such cherished association we share with The Metrodome, Barnsley (part of the larger BPL not-for-profit social enterprise and charitable company), an award winning multi-functional organization that has been offering leisure activities, community spirit and an inclusive ethos since 1999. The Metrodome has faithfully and unwaveringly continued to serve its locality by providing a flexible, warm and welcoming environment for people of all ages, backgrounds and requirements to come together and have a great time!

Naturally, it’s a sublime honour to be associated with such a wonderful organization and to nurture an ongoing relationship that we hope will only grow stronger with time.

We asked the team there for a little more insight into their requirements, specification and overall experience. Here is what they had to say!

What are the main factors you consider when purchasing new furniture?





Health & Safety.

What did you decide to purchase?

Lightweight and durable Mogo Direct Folding Tables in a range of shapes and sizes, along side customised table trolleys for ease of manoeuvrability and storage.

Mogo Direct Comfort Folding Chairs, for use across an extremely wide variety of events; from boxing, PDC Darts & World Snooker Championship Games, to black tie events, parties and banquets. The versatility of these chairs makes them ideal for any occasion.

How has your experience been with Mogo Direct?

Mogo Direct will always try to meet our requirement and budget. We’ve always found the products to be of excellent quality and are happy with the service received. Pleasure to work with.

Did you know?

We offer a wide selection of folding chairs, stacking chairs & folding tables that are ideal for use at any events, venue, leisure or community centre, village hall, church, school or office!

We’d love to work with you.

For further information visit today, call us on 01442 233 384 or send us an email We would love to have the opportunity to work with you!

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