Folding Trestle Tables: Perfect For Events!

Folding Trestle Tables: Perfect For Events!

Flexibility is usually crucial when organising events, which is why folding trestle tables are probably the best possible choice. At Mogo Direct, we offer a great range of tables with retractable legs which can easily be taken out of storage, transported and set up in a matter of seconds.

We’re just entering spring now, and you’ll probably notice that your calendar is starting to fill up with events faster than it did earlier in the year. At almost any event catering for a large number of people, whether you’re providing food, drinks or simply a place to meet, large tables are generally a must-have. That’s why schools, churches, community centres and all kinds of event venues tend to be a perfect fit for our trestle tables.

But why folding tables, specifically? Well, the majority of venues won’t have the spare capacity to keep large tables in storage when they’re fully set up, as space always comes at a premium. But with folding trestle tables like ours, the legs can easily be collapsed and the total amount of space required to store each table is dramatically reduced. This also makes moving them around and even taking them outside much easier.

Since we stock several different variations on the standard trestle table, you will want to consider a few factors when making your decision, including:

  • Quality – Although all of our products are built to last from high-quality materials, you won’t get better than our Mogo Premium range. Consider these extra-strong tables if you need the best possible quality and durability.

  • Materials – Our furniture is constructed using a range of materials which can affect their strength, weight and finished look. Choose from wood, plastic, metal and more to suit your needs.

  • Shape – If you’re setting up long lines of catering or banqueting tables, then you will probably want to choose a rectangular shape, but round trestle tables are also available for more sociable seating arrangements.

  • Height – Although our new trestle tables are generally designed to be set up at a standard height of 760mm, we also sell leg extension sets for these which can add up to 150mm if necessary. Any table with round, 25mm-diameter legs will be compatible with these.

We do recommend placing your order soon, because these products are among are top sellers at this time of year and they’re already moving fast! The great advantage of getting stocked up now, of course, is that you have a whole summer’s worth of future events coming up. That means you can really get the most out of your tables and make them even better value for money.

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