Home Office Design Trends for 2020

Home Office Design Trends for 2020

For many office workers in the UK, working from home has become part of the “new normal”. Many employers are now offering it as standard as it keeps their employees safe without seeing any detrimental impact on productivity.

This being so, there has been increased interest in how best to set up a more permanent home office. Catching a few hours with the laptop at the kitchen table between meals no longer feels sufficient. So what are some of the home office design trends as we enter the second half of 2020?

Reinvented office chairs

Most of us are familiar with the traditional fabric-upholstered office chair. It’s a mainstay of corporate offices across the world, after all. With a home office, there’s no need to feel restricted by convention. You can choose a more contemporary design for your work space such as a stylish poly swivel chair. Or, why not try a white plastic shell with a chrome base for a totally different aesthetic?

Clean, cool colours

For many home workers, their office space is a fraction of the size of what they are used to. While no amount of design tips can increase the space available, you can, at least, make it feel bigger by introducing clean, cool colour schemes to the room. We have a range of desks and pedestals that fit the bill and are available as a single-purchase bundle.


Another way to maximise space in your home office is by investing in adequate storage. It’s easy to forget how much personal paperwork we generate during the course of a normal working day. Home office pedestals are a simple and effective solution and an easy way to keep your home and your work life separate.

Save space

If your home office is a corner of your bedroom or living room and space is really at a premium, that’s no reason not to have a dedicated workspace. Desks such as the Mia fold in half table and the Zown Classic folding table provide an ideal answer to the problem of space. We have several sturdy and practical folding office desks that free up room when not in use.

A splash of colour

While neutral tones and clean colours are good choices for any home office, adding a touch of colour can really make a room pop. Even something as simple as choosing a bright fabric covering for your office chair can make all the difference, stamping a bit of your personality on your home office.

Here at Mogo Direct, we have an extensive range of home office furniture available for immediate purchase from our online store. You can view the entire range, most of which benefits from fast delivery across the UK.

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