How to Get Exam Ready - Top Furniture Picks

How to Get Exam Ready - Top Furniture Picks

Exam tables, desks, and chairs

Many schools and universities in the country are nearing the exam period, and this time of the year can be very stressful for both the students and staff. This is why creating a comfortable and practical exam space is crucial for students to excel to the best of their ability, which is why you should check our extensive range of exam desks, and chairs here at Mogo Direct today.

Folding Exam Desks

Our range of folding exam desks will enable the exam hall to be set up quickly and efficiently since many of our folding desks have lightweight properties and quick set-up mechanisms for ease of handling. When time is short between time schedules, this is the perfect solution to save you plenty of time and keep the stress levels low for everyone.

Most popular picks from our customers:

Our top product pick and highly demanded folding exam desk is the Mogo Folding Exam Desk. This is a durable exam desk that's lightweight and quick and easy to set up. It features a large workspace and a handy pen groove. What's more, up to 40 desks can be stored away neatly on a specially designed trolley for when exams are over. Another favourite is the Titan Plastic folding exam desk. The advantages of this product are the impact-resistant polypropylene desktop which will provide students with desk stability and maximum comfort, even during long periods of being seated.

Space-saving alternatives:

If your storage capacity and exam hall space are limited, our new Slim Folding Exam Desks can solve this problem for you. Designed with a more compact desktop, you’ll be able to make the very most of your available space, without compromising on student comfort. An added feature is a handy pen groove, which means no falling pens will distract the concentration of any students.

Folding Exam Chairs

With plenty of folding chairs to choose from at Mogo Direct, like the Smart Folding plastic chair, Big Classic folding chair, and Classic Plus fan back folding chair, you can find the best product that will meet your requirements and total budget. We highly recommend our newest folding chair, the Aran folding chair as it is contemporary in its design, comfortable, solid, and compact. Manufactured using highly durable materials, it will meet the demands of challenging educational settings and examination periods. It is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a suitable choice for a spacious exam hall where it is a requirement to finish setting up in a short time interval. Like many of our folding exam chairs, the Aran chair has added airflow holes on the back of the seat to provide breathability and ensure that students can concentrate without becoming uncomfortable.

Money-saving deals and trolley bundles

At Mogo Direct, we always maintain large quantities of stock in our warehouse. Many of our desk bundle deals and chair bulk orders have proven to be popular amongst many valued customers. If you need a large number of chairs, tables, or desks before an upcoming exam period, then look no further. The Mogo 25 exam desk bundle contains 25 versatile desks and a heavy-duty trolley that can store multiple folding desks. The added trolley will guarantee that you won’t have to carry numerous desks back and forth, and it will also shorten your set-up and dismantling time. This ready-to-go money-saving desk bundle can meet your tight budget and save you plenty of money. You will save up to 5% by opting for this trolley bundle compared to buying items individually.

Get in touch with us today

Why not get in touch with us today on 01442 736 384 to find more information about our folding exam desk and folding chair products? Our friendly and professional team members at Mogo Direct are just a phone call away and will be more than happy to assist you and make sure that you pick the right product for your needs.

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