Polyprop 4 Leg Chairs

Eco Plastic Stacking Chair - Black Seat - Black Frame
Perfect for multi-seating areas that need a robust yet lightweight stacking chair.  Stacks 10 high. Made in the UK by Hille. Great value and speedy delivery. Key Features A great value, multipurpose stacking chair manufactured in the UK Comfortable contoured...
from £21.60
GEO 4 Leg Plastic Chair
from £38.52 (Inc Vat)
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GEO 4 Leg Plastic Chair - yellow
A stylish, ergonomic and durable stacking chair that's a popular choice for classrooms, canteens and community halls. 10 colour options and 4 height options. Stacks 8 high. Key Features Strong one piece shell for comfort and durability Waterfall seat front and curved...
from £38.52
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Pepperpot School Chairs by Hille
£31.50 (Inc Vat)
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Pepperpot School Chairs by Hille - purple
The Pepperpot Chair with its ergonomic design and exciting contemporary look offers something new for any multipurpose space, cafe, dining area or classroom. Key Features Ergonomic design povides improved long term sitting comfort Long lasting Duragrip feet Smooth easy wipe...
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ADV Plastic Stacking Chair
from £24.67 (Inc Vat)
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ADV Plastic Stacking Chair - red
A durable, cost-effective plastic stacking chair produced in the UK to the highest standards.  Popular with multi-purpose spaces, schools churches and community centres. Stacks up to 20.  14 shell colours. Padded seat and back option. Key Features Lightweight yet durable...
from £24.67
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Lotus Chair
£62.70 (Inc Vat)
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Lotus Chair - pure red
A contemporary stacking chair with a design that focuses on ergonomics and functionality.  Stacks up to 5. Fantastic range of 12 colours.  Popular in a broad range of environments in the education and hospitality sectors. 10 year guarantee. Key Features Ergonomic seat...
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Evo Ergonomic School Chairs
from £52.13 (Inc Vat)
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Evo Ergonomic School Chairs - Yellow
The Evo polypropylene school chairs are a contemporary offering for the classroom.  Manufactured here in the UK and found in schools and universities nationwide, the Evo school chairs score top marks for strength, durability and ergonomic design. This particular Evo...
from £52.13
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Harmony Poly Stacking Chair
from £37.92 (Inc Vat)
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Harmony Poly Stacking Chair - black
Harmony has been a classroom favourite for many years, offering excellent comfort and strength, the chair includes tamper-proof fixings for long term use in the school and community environment. Key Features Strong and robust construction One-way wipe seat pattern for...
from £37.92
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Myke Stacking Chair
£103.95 (Inc Vat)
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Myke Stacking Chair - Cottonwood
The Myke Stacking Chair has been designed with versatile learning spaces in mind. Ideal for training rooms, seminar rooms, conference centres, meeting spaces and more, the Myke Stacking Chair allows spaces to be configured in numerous ways, quickly and easily....
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Flux 4 Leg Chair by Origin
£85.50 (Inc Vat)
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Flux 4 Leg Chair by Origin - Coral Red
FLUX is a modern interpretation of the multi-functional shell chair, subtly referencing a mid-century aesthetic.  FLUX offers a simple design formed with clean lines and subtle curves to form an ergonomic seat shape, providing flexibility of movement and comfort in...
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Mojo Stacking Chair
£75.60 (Inc Vat)
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Mojo Stacking Chair - Coral Red
With its clean, graphic design and visual lightness, the Mojo Chair suits a broad range of uses including visitor seating, canteens, workplaces, meeting spaces, dining areas and cafes. Fully customisable with separate frame, seat, backrest and arm rest components. Manufactured in the...
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EN One Stacking Chair
from £25.80 (Inc Vat)
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EN One Stacking Chair - royal blue
With its child-friendly, ergonomic design the EN One Chair provides all day comfort and flexibility. The waterfall seat helps improve circulation, while the angled rear legs discourage tilting.  An ideal chair for any classroom, breakout area, dining hall, sports hall, cafe,...
from £25.80
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GEO Antibacterial Chair
£44.49 (Inc Vat)
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GEO Antibacterial Chair - ocean
The same stylish, ergonomic and durable chair, only safer, smarter and more hygienic! A popular choice for classrooms, canteens and community halls. 5 colour options. Stacks 8 high. Key Features Strong one piece shell for style and comfort Waterfall seat front and...
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Hatton One Piece Plastic Chair
£47.87 (Inc Vat)