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Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are indispensable and versatile pieces of furniture; popular for use in meeting rooms and conference centres, church halls and village fetes, community centres and Scout groups, school assemblies and exams, and the home. When you’re not using them, you can fold them away to save space or store them on a specially designed trolley.

We offer a fantastic range of affordable folding chairs, including plastic folding chairs backed by 5 year guarantees, robust metal folding chairs backed by 10 year guarantees, and strong and durable wooden folding chairs.

Our range also includes:

Folding Classroom Chairs
Folding Office Chairs
Home Office Folding Chairs

Mogo Direct's range of folding chairs offers you a wealth of seating options for your premises or event. Useful for everything from schools to weddings, meetings to events, and everything in between, they are testament to how efficient design, and good planning, can work for you. In each instance, you can expect the highest quality, most comfortable, and most durable materials.

If your work involves planning for large groups, then you'll have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that can arise from choosing the wrong folding chairs. Uncomfortable chairs can ruin events, making the audience restless and fidgety. Being unable to store the chairs efficiently can also bring about time-consuming inconveniences for those who set them up. With our range of light-weight folding chairs, setting up and packing away is quick and easy.

From the Classic and Classic Plus folding chair models that offer straightforward, cost-effective comfort, to the soft, upholstered seat of the Comfort Deluxe 30, you'll find chairs here that match your needs, budgets, and aesthetics. We also have a wealth of useful extras to further the value of our products.

We sell folding chairs individually or in useful bundles to cater for groups. We also stock trolleys to ensure that you can easily transport your chairs to, from, and around your venue or site.

Whether you choose metal, plastic or wood, with or without padding, they allow you a useful and straightforward means of seating large numbers of people. You can also try the chairs before you purchase them, we offer free and next day UK delivery for quick turnarounds, and our 30-day credit offer and price promise ensures that your folding chairs always match your budget.

Whatever your requirements, Mogo Direct have the solution.

Have a browse on our site and find the folding chair to suit you, or give us a call on 01442 736 384 for help finding the correct chairs for your requirements.