5 Things to Consider When Buying Classroom Chairs

5 Things to Consider When Buying Classroom Chairs

Students in primary and secondary schools across the UK are expected to spend 32.5 hours a week in school. Much of that time is spent in a classroom environment, sat in school chairs, so it’s important to find the right kind of classroom furniture for the job.

The concerns for children in respect of classroom chairs falls into two main categories. First, the chairs should promote good posture. Prolonged exposure to furniture that encourages students to slouch or sit awkwardly in their chairs can result in poor posture, restricted growth, and potentially lead to back aches and pains in later life.

The other issue is one of concentration. Uncomfortable chairs make it difficult for students to focus on the point in hand, whereas chairs that are too comfortable can find children dozing off at their desks. Striking a middle ground is important.

Here at Mogo Direct we have been supplying high-quality school furniture to educational facilities across the UK. These are five things to consider when buying classroom chairs:

Health and Safety

School children are a lively bunch and it’s neither unusual nor unexpected to find them all over the classroom, fiddling with their chairs and desks, leaning back to speak to classmates and so on. While accidents sometimes happen in even the best schools, you can minimise the risk by choosing chairs that adhere to the British Standard for school furniture. This means folding chairs that lock in place, anti-slip feet on standing chairs, and so on.


As we discussed in our introduction, the wrong choice of chair could result in back pain, so you should always choose school chairs that encourage good posture. The easiest way to do so is to buy chairs that are scaled to meet the height of yours school desks and those that provide ample back support. Professional suppliers like Mogo Direct will be able to direct you to the ideal pairing of desks and chairs.


Classroom chairs are no longer confined to school desks. Sometimes classrooms change layouts between lessons depending on the subject or topic being taught. Sometimes a teacher needs to clear some space to perform a demonstration for their students. Sometimes all available chairs need to be taken to the school hall for a big event or presentation. School chairs that are easy to move and store – whether foldable, stackable, or both – are a popular choice in many school environments.

Value for Money

With school budgets being ever-more stretched, administrators are always on the lookout for a bargain. However, choosing the cheapest classroom chairs you can find is often a false economy. You need to find a furniture supplier that pairs quality with affordability. Look for independent reviews or testimonials, or see if the company has some case studies you can look at.

Built to Last

Classroom chairs undergo a lot of punishment in the course of a school year. They are constantly in use, usually by different students throughout the day, and are often moved around the classroom and the school, depending on the needs of the lesson. You need a chair that can handle that kind of treatment day-in and day-out. A good thing to look for here, is a multi-year warranty on any school furniture. That’s your reassurance that the furniture is suitably robust for the job.

Here at Mogo Direct, we have an extensive range of classroom chairs suitable for any school environment. Constructed to the highest standard, they benefit from fast delivery times across the UK. Order online today or call the team on 01442 736 384 for more information.
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