Best Home Office Chairs to Work from Home

Best Home Office Chairs to Work from Home

During the COVID-19 lockdowns most of the country ended up working from home. Since those requirements were lifted, many of us continue to do so, either as a full-time arrangement or as part of a hybrid working pattern. Choosing a home office desk chair that provides comfort and prevents aches and pains is essential for the long-term home worker.
Here at Mogo Direct, we supply high quality home office chairs to customers across the UK. In this article we will look at the things you need to consider when choosing the ideal chair for you.


Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are designed with back support in mind. This allows you to improve your posture, by not slouching over your desk, or leaning back in a reclined position. Ideal for home workers with a history of back problems, or who spend long hours at their desk, without the opportunity to move about freely. Most ergonomic chairs, such as the Mercury 2 Medium Back Mesh Task Operator Chair allow you to adjust the height, the angle of the backrest, the position of the arm rests, and more. This means you can set up your chair perfectly for optimal comfort.


Leather Chairs

Home office leather chairs are a perennial favourite among our customers. As well as being hard-wearing and comfortable to use, the feel and smell of leather furniture lends a feeling of luxury to your working day. If your home office is your permanent workplace, then you can find leather chairs in a range of colours to suit your surroundings. With high-quality models like the Cloud High Back Leather Faced Manager Chair you don’t need to sacrifice back and neck support either.

Mesh Chairs

One problem with sitting in a chair all day is that your back can get hot and sweaty. With a mesh-backed chair like the Luna Medium Back Mesh Task Operator Chair this is no longer a concern. The mesh back rest combines great back support with a breathable material that keeps you cool during the day. Since the mesh has more flex, it can contour to your natural state, offering greater comfort.

Fabric Chairs

Fabric chairs are both versatile and cost-effective choices when it comes to furnishing your home office. Models like the Vantage 100 High Back Operator Chair, for instance, comes in a wide variety of colours. This means you can pick a chair that suits your personality and your home office, without worrying about breaking the bank.

Executive Chairs

If you want to treat yourself, consider an executive chair for your home office. These high-end models are made from the highest quality materials and are intended to be sat in for some time. For this reason, they offer significant support for both your back and shoulders, which is perfect if you’re putting in long shifts at home. Models like the Aura Contemporary High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair combines excellent support with a sleek, stylish design.
Whatever kind of home office chairs you’re looking for, you will something to suit you in our online store. All orders are processed quickly and benefit from fast delivery times across the UK.
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