Affordable ways to make your reception area more welcoming

Affordable ways to make your reception area more welcoming

First impressions count, and that applies not just to people but also the tone you set when your customers or visitors arrive in your reception area.

In the days of being “lean”, don’t be fooled into doing away with the furniture in your waiting room or foyer. The first few minutes of arriving at your hotel, restaurant, office, factory, school, church or community centre really do matter.

The good news is, with Mogo Direct, you don’t have to “splash the cash” to go big on style and comfort to create a truly welcoming reception.

Agile reception areas

Even better, you can select furniture that makes your waiting room or reception area multi-functional. With agile thinking, the same chairs and tables you use for visitors, become a great break-out area for staff, or an informal meeting zone.

Small can still be beautiful

Select the right furniture and even the smallest spaces at your entrance can become pleasant places for visitors to wait. The basics are comfortable chairs that match your décor and a stylish reception table for magazines or leaflets.

Durable but delightful

Chairs don’t have to be massive plush sofas – in fact, something hardwearing is definitely better for high-traffic areas such as foyers.

The Tilly Visitor Chair is a great option for small spaces – bold colours and comfort with a small footprint. For more space, Slender Seating and Celestra Tub chairs make a strong statement and are ergonomically designed for comfort. All of these chairs can be created with fabric and colours to match your preferences.

Top tables for receptions

The style of reception table you choose depends on the theme of your waiting room or foyer and the brand identity of your organisation. Options range from contemporary Welcome Reception Desks with table extensions, to traditional classics such as the Coda Coffee Table. Or ramp up the style statement with a sleek Milan Coffee Table.

Caring and stylish impression

Getting it right doesn’t just mean a warm welcome, it also gives the impression that your organisation offers attention to detail and a high standard of customer care. Just like us!

Browse through our reception-friendly tub chairs, sofas, wooden frames chairs and tables, then order online or contact us today. Mogo Direct can customise your choice of waiting area furniture to suit your business needs.

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