Revisted: Marcus Garvey Centre, London

Revisted: Marcus Garvey Centre, London

A new chapter for the Marcus Garvey Library

Originally under threat of closure, the Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham underwent a complete refurbishment which was completed in 2016. Moving beyond the traditional role of the library as a place of simply borrowing books, the Marcus Garvey Centre incorporates a much wider range of services and echoes the ambitions of other contemporary libraries like the east London Idea Stores and the Library of Birmingham. These modern libraries all offer a public space that is inclusive, transparent, and inviting. Glass walls, open plan spaces, increased light and brightness all reflect these ambitions.

The Marcus Garvey Centre features not only 22,000 new books, including a spacious children’s library, but also extensive IT facilities, study rooms and a space upstairs for the community to access council services and visit councillor surgeries. The result is a flexible and welcoming public space for all members of the local community.

Hello Jasper

As part of the refurbishment, the Jasper Chair was selected for its lightness of design, robustness, and stackability, which lends itself to the flexible use of the library. The Jasper was installed throughout the library, from the meeting rooms upstairs, to the IT areas and the main library itself.

Contact us today for more details about the capabilities of the Jasper Chair, to learn more about our wide range of adaptable furniture or simply to ask for our catalogue.

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