Antibacterial Chairs and Hygienic Wipe-Clean Chairs

Antibacterial Chairs and Hygienic Wipe-Clean Chairs

With the increased demands for extra and thorough cleaning schedules at workplaces, healthcare premises, and educational settings across the UK, Our antibacterial and wipe-clean chairs at Mogo Direct are the best and affordable ranges that you can find for easy cleaning and antibacterial materials. Our selection of multipurpose chairs is suitable for hospital or dentist waiting areas to regulate hygiene levels and ensure staff and patient safety.

Antibacterial Chairs

Geo Antibacterial Chair - A customer favourite with its stylish design and ergonomic properties, all incorporated in one product. With 5 available colours to choose from, you can match any work premises with a simple colour change, such as the classic grey for hospitals or vibrant tones like yellow or purple for educational settings. You can stack up to 8 chairs in total for storage efficiency when the chairs are not in use.

Antimicrobial Affinity Chair - The new innovative chair manufactured in the UK by Hille in partnership with SteriTouch. Featuring a silver ion additive that restricts the growth of germs on the surface of the chair, providing 24 hour protection. Stacks 8 high.

One-Piece Plastic Chairs

If you are looking for a modern furniture piece, the Pop One Piece chair and Hatton plastic chair will look great in any break rooms or waiting areas. The durable air moulded design makes it easy to maintain and wipe clean in short durations. Both chair selections have integrated grab handles on the backrest for ease of transportation and quick space reconfigurations. You can personalise your one-piece chair in 10 different colours to adapt to a range of environments.

Titan One Piece Antibacterial Polypropylene Chair- The perfect chair for a busy classroom environment, this latest version of the popular Titan Chair chair contains antibacterial composition, features a moulded carry handle and boasts a super-strong titan four leg chair for added durability.

Vinyl Folding Chairs

For added practicality and versatility, our variety of vinyl folding chairs is easy to use and take care of, making them ideal for use in large settings like food areas, healthcare or any space where hygiene and easy maintenance are key factors. All chairs have comfortable padding on the backrest and seat, making them great for classrooms or large conference halls. If you’re looking into buying in bulk, we highly recommend the comfort 28 folding chair bundle. Opting for this bundle saves you 5%, and the set comes with a pushcart trolley to save space and help reduce setting up times.

Our team at Mogo Direct pride itself on offering customers value and choice. Our antibacterial and multipurpose chairs provide this in abundance to guarantee products that can cater to any workplace and environment. Making your space safe and comforting is essential, and knowing that your chair is clean will give you confidence and your visitors.
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