Banqueting Tables and Chairs for All Occasions

Banqueting Tables and Chairs for All Occasions

No matter how much you expand your event’s budget, if you don't have the right furniture, your guests will only remember the discomfort they experienced due to uncomfortable seating and unsuitable tables. The toughest part of organising a themed event is to find the perfect furniture that not only goes with your event’s theme, but is also guest-friendly.

Are you looking for the perfect banqueting tables? Worried about choosing flexible and comfortable folding tables? Mogo Direct has you covered.

Products that Suit Your Style and Budget

From light-weight and durable products to heavy-duty tables and chairs for events and parties, Mogo Direct offers a large variety of products to suit your style and budget.

If you're looking for a budget option, wooden folding trestle tables are suitable for dining events, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and all other types of events. Manufactured with durable plywood, the tables are treated for protection against weather and moisture related wear and tear.

Mogo plastic folding tables are suitable for a mid-range budget. Choose Mogo folding tables, manufactured with high quality plastic for a light-weight yet durable option.

Mogo’s Premium round folding tables are smart, strong and stable, and come with a 10 year guarantee. With square sectioned legs, the heavy-duty tables are perfect for all types of events including community events, dinners, conferences, schools events and banqueting.

A Wide Range of Collection

Correct planning of the seating capacity per table is necessary to organise a stress-free event. Too many chairs make your event look unsuccessful and poorly managed, along with leaving an unnecessary dent in your budget. Worse, unavailability of chairs creates avoidable issues for your event.

To meet your event needs, Mogo Direct offers a wide range of tables and chairs.

Mogo can assist you in deciding the required number of tables for your guests, for example 4–6 people can easily be seated around a 4’ round (1220mm) round table, whereas 8–10 people can be seated around a 5’ round (1530mm) table.

Round shaped banqueting tables blend well with all designs of banqueting chairs. You can also choose from our square and rectangular trestle tables to suit your event requirements.

Square, rectangle or round tables can be coupled with Mogo’s traditional range of folding and stacking chairs.

The Starlite 50 banqueting chair is a traditional choice to go with tables for banquet halls. Pair the Royal chair and Coronet chair with tables for restaurants, conferences or events. All Royal and Coronet chairs come with trolleys for setting up your venue.

The Comfort Deluxe range of folding chairs are perfect for longer events as the padded seats provide additional comfort.

Available with Accessories

In addition to our extensive range of tables and chairs, we also stock a selection of accessories including table cloths, stretch table covers and stretch chair covers. Table and chair covers not only help to protect your furniture, they also provide an additional focal point which can easily be decorated with bows, flowers and other elements to match with your theme.

For more information or to place an order, please browse our full range of tables and chairs. Alternatively, call us on 01442 233 384.

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