Case Study: ARK All Saints Academy in London

Case Study: ARK All Saints Academy in London

How ARK All Saints Academy in London created flexible and multipurpose learning spaces

In a new series which revisits some of our recent customers, we showcase the Jasper Stacking Chair, as selected by ARK All Saints Academy.

The project, which was completed in 2013 for the ARK All Saints Academy & Highshore School in Southwark, won a RIBA National Award 2016 and a RIBA London Award 2017. Eight hundred school students attend the Academy, which is part of a novel and innovative campus in Southwark comprising of two new schools and a church. This campus configuration allows the schools and church to collaborate and pool resources.

ARK All Saints Academy selected the Jasper Chair for its stackability, adaptability, and contemporary design. The school uses the Jasper chair in a number of spaces:

1. Multi-Purpose Activity Hall - Why does the Jasper Chair work so well in their multipurpose hall? Firstly, the contemporary yet classic design complements this fantastic space. Secondly, it's versatile and adaptable - the design of the chair integrates a hand-hold for easy lifting and handling of the chair. Plus, 40 Jasper chairs can be neatly stacked on a specially designed trolley making light work of setting up and clearing the hall for a whole variety of events, from conferences to drama performances to meetings and exhibitions. With the Jasper Chair, there is also the option to add a seat or back pad for extra comfort for those events that are going to last for a long time.

2. Dining Hall – The Jasper Chair is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for dining halls and canteens. Again, the stackability of the chair makes it a fantastic choice for the ARK's multipurpose dining hall - the Jasper stacks up to 40 high on a trolley, or 5-10 freestanding. This stackability means the school can save space when the chairs aren't in use, while still accommodating a high seating capacity during lunch for students.

3. Open Learning Spaces – The Jasper Chair is used in a variety of flexible learning spaces, from study groups and seminars to classrooms and libraries. The Jasper Chair can be linked into a straight row or a curve using the clip on linking device. The ARK Academy opted for the Jasper in black to complement its colour scheme, but it's available in seven colours from stock. Popular right now is the new Mustard colour, as well as Poppy, both of which brighten up any classroom or learning space.

For more information about the Jasper Chair, call us on 01442 233 384 to find out how this flexible and stylish stacking chair would be a great addition to any school or community environment. You might also be interested in reading our Jasper Chair fact sheet or alternatively email us your enquiry today for further advice.

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