Channel Your Inner Vintage Vibe - Shop Wooden Folding Chairs Today

Channel Your Inner Vintage Vibe - Shop Wooden Folding Chairs Today

At Mogo Direct, we are continually updating our furniture ranges to include new and exciting designs suitable for weddings, parties, and other events. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new ranges to our extensive collection of chairs – the Skara and the Julietta.

Both of these vintage style chairs are constructed to a robust and traditional design from quality wooden materials. They are foldable for easy stacking and storage, and are quick and simple to open and arrange, no matter what layout you have planned for your event.

The Skara wooden folding chair is made from solid beach, its natural colouration giving a delightful warmth to any function. Clear varnish brings out the grain of the wood as well as protecting the chairs for time after time of use. When folded flat, the seat design allows for multiple chairs to be stacked securely by interlocking with the chair on top. These lightweight vintage style wooden folding chairs are incredibly durable, their natural strength bolstered by metal supporting bars.

The Julietta wooden folding chair shares many of the same qualities as the Skara model. Equally strong and robust, and just as easy to assemble and pack away, the Julietta has a darker oak finish that some venues prefer.

Whatever your choice, both chairs look good in their natural, unadorned state, providing rustic and affordable seating for anything from public meetings to school assemblies. For parties, weddings, and other special occasions, the minimalistic design is easy to decorate with ribbons, flowers, and other adornments, with the neutral wood colours working well with any colour scheme. The rustic appeal of the chairs can really work well in a country venue like a rural hotel.

Both the Skara and the Julietta wooden folding chairs are available now to order online from the Mogo Direct website, and benefit from fast delivery times across the UK. Check out the website for more information.

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