Choose Gopak Folding Tables for Your Child's Activity Space

Choose Gopak Folding Tables for Your Child's Activity Space

Having their own space to play and learn at home is essential for any child’s development and education. In today’s digital world it is all too easy to put your child in front of a tablet or other mobile device, but a dedicated activity space is far more beneficial and fun, for kids, parents, and carers alike. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive, or take up a lot of space, thanks to the innovative Gopak folding tables from Mogo Direct.

These are just a few of the ways they help you set up a fun and exciting child’s activity space:

The right size and shape for you

Whether you’re putting together an activity space in your living room, your child’s bedroom, a dedicated playroom, or even the garden on a Summer's day, you will be able to find the ideal model from our Gopak range. Gopak folding tables are available in a range of shapes, including rectangular and round models, as well as different sizes. This means you can get the right type of table for your child, whether setting up a solo activity space for them, or one to share with siblings or friends.

Easy to put away

Of course, even the smaller Gopak folding tables take up a fair bit of room when fully laid out, which can be a problem if space is at a premium in your home. Fortunately, the solution is in the name. All of these tables fold down flat to a fraction of their size, making them easy to store away when not in use. They take up little room, meaning they can be slotted next to a bookshelf or behind a wardrobe. They are also lightweight in design, allowing you to store them in another room altogether.

Safety first

As children get older, they like to spend more time doing solo activities, without constant adult supervision. The range of Gopak folding tables are designed with safety in mind, with a proprietary locking mechanism that requires a specialist tool to unlock the table for folding. This means no risk of trapped fingers or tables collapsing while in use, whether you’re turning your back on them for a moment or they’re enjoying an afternoon of fun on their own.

Multi-purpose tables

Gopak folding tables can be used for all kinds of activities, from doing homework and school projects to their own creative endeavours. Our range includes specially designed games tables that provide a sturdy surface for board games and role-playing games, and preschool activity tables printed with fun designs that can be used with toys for creative play. For a more permanent set-up, Gopak stacking benches transform the space into a social area where children can play or eat together.

A name you can trust

Gopak is one of our most popular brands, and with good reason. With decades of history in the educational furniture industry, Gopak is a well-respected name trusted by schools and educators across the country.

If you’re ready to give your children's activity area they’ve always wanted, explore the range of Gopak folding tables at the Mogo Direct online store today. All tables benefit from fast delivery times across the UK, so you’ll have everything up and running in no time.
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