Is Your School Ready for Exam Season?

Is Your School Ready for Exam Season?

With the summer term just around the corner, schools across the country are prepared for exam season. Students and teachers will already be prepping and revising for their 11-plus, GCSE, and A-Level examinations, but it’s just as important that the exam area is adequately prepared with the right exam desks for the job.

Do you have sufficient tables for your students to sit their exams? Are they quick and easy to set up and take down for each exam? Can they be easily stored away for future use without taking up too much valuable space?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of folding exam desks for your school and how they can make life easier for students and teachers alike during one of the most hectic periods of the school calendar.

Individual exam desks

While students might be used to sharing desk space with their classmates during regular lessons, at exam time they will be seated on their own to tackle their papers. Our range of folding exam tables are the perfect size for individual examinations, providing plenty of room for the test itself, as well as calculators, pens, rulers, and any other equipment required for the exam in question.

A clean exam surface

Both our MDF and plastic topped exam desks provide a clean and even surface for students. They are constructed from quality materials and are resistant to graffiti and marking. The MDF desks are sealed around the edges for safety, while the injection-moulded plastic desk tops are formed as a single component, with no joining parts that can be picked at or cause injury.

Easy to set up and put away

Our folding exam desks are lightweight in construction and can be set up in a matter of moments. An entire exam hall can be laid out in just a few minutes, particularly if you combine our desks with durable folding chairs.

Easy storage

All desks from Mogo Direct are built to last and can provide years of effective use if cared for properly. For this reason, we ensure that they can be stored away with little difficulty, allowing them to be brought out year after year for each new exam group. They fold up flat and can be purchased alongside custom-built storage trolleys, making it easier than ever to put them away for the next exam year.

Our range of exam desks is available for immediate purchase from our online store and benefits from fast delivery times to schools across the UK. Any school can apply for instant credit at checkout, allowing you to spread the initial cost of your purchase and are covered by our Price Match Promise. Order today to get every ready in time for your school exams.

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