Classroom Tables and Chairs for Every Lesson

Classroom Tables and Chairs for Every Lesson

A key component for keeping students alert throughout the school day is the right choice of desks and chairs. They need to be comfortable enough for prolonged use, without lulling pupils into a midday doze. They also need to be well-constructed, durable, and built-to-last, in order to offer a good return on investment.

These are some of the things you need to consider for the various rooms across your school, college, or university campus.


Whether you favour single or double desks for your students, Mogo Direct has something for you. Our traditional wooden locker desks provide ample storage room for books and stationery, and are available in a range of heights, depending on the age of the children in your school. We also stock a range of classroom chairs, including our ever-popular Series E Plastic Stacking Chairs. These lightweight, stackable, and robust chairs are favourite among our customers for a reason.

Computer Rooms

Your computer rooms require sturdy and dependable desks that can handle the weight of your computers, monitors, and other equipment. Our Warwick Classroom Tables are the ideal choice. They offer great versatility in terms of classroom layout, which is essential for a computer room, where the teacher needs to see all the students’ screens at once. Following on from this, you will need classroom swivel chairs to complement your computer room’s set up, so you students can easily turn to face their teacher.

Art and Science Rooms

When involved in an art or science class, students are expected to use taller project tables that they can work at standing up. Our Enviro Premium Project Tables are perfect for the job, being light and low maintenance. Of course, if students are sat down to work or take notes, they will need classroom stools of a suitable height to keep them comfortable. We have a wide selection of stools available, including high-backed models for added support.

College and University Classrooms

College and university classrooms are often arranged to be more informal than their primary and secondary school counterparts. Being able to take personal notes in comfort is of key importance when choosing your furniture. At Mogo Direct, we stock a range of writing tablet chairs to make this easier for your students.

Libraries and School Halls

Libraries and school halls require a different set up altogether. Whether your students are engaged in independent learning (either individually or in groups), or are putting on a display or other educational event, you need desks that offer room and stability. Our Chunky Chester Tables provide just that, being robustly-built and hard wearing. They pair well with our Masterstack Skid Base Poly Chairs which can be linked into rows for school assemblies, and protect the wooden flooring of your school hall from skids and scratches.

If you run a school, college, or other educational establishment and need new tables and chairs for 2022, browse our full range of education furniture today. We have everything you need in our online store and can promise fast delivery across the the UK.  

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