5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Chairs

5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Chairs

Whether you’re buying some spare chairs for family get-togethers or stocking up on furniture for a school, conference hall, or other venue, it’s important that you get good value for your money. While there are all manner of chairs available, wooden chairs remain some of the most popular, and there’s a good reason for that.

In fact, there are at least five good reasons we can think of:

Strength and Durability

Wood is an incredibly strong and resilient material for making furniture of any kind, including chairs. The standard wooden folding chair, for instance, can withstand years of daily use in all kinds of settings without suffering any ill effects. At Mogo Direct, we ensure all our stock of wooden chairs are built using only the best quality wood.


Natural wood is nice to look at. Whether your wooden chairs are made of pine, oak, mahogany, or beech, the natural grain implies quality and comfort. With various varnishes, paints, and finishes available, you can make your wooden chairs even more appealing. Some types of wooden chair – like our Chiavari chairs go even further, with beautifully carved legs, backs, and seats.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning wooden chairs could not be easier, especially if they have been treated with a protective wax sealant or varnish. If properly protected, you’ve no need to fear fungal or insect infestations, and the chairs can be cleaned with the simple application of soap and water.


We’re all much more aware of our environmental responsibilities these days, and choosing wooden furniture is one way to reduce our carbon footprint. Most reputable manufacturers of wooden furniture use timber from sustainable forests, are part of global tree-planting initiatives, or often both. The chairs themselves, if broken or past their prime, can be recycled or repurposed.


Compared to their metal and plastic counterparts, wooden chairs are much more versatile. From an aesthetic point of view, they can be painted or varnished in any number of colours and finishes, before being sanded down and decorated all over again. Since wood can be carved into virtually any shape, the basic form of your wooden chairs comes in dozens of options and more. Even the choice of wood you pick for construction adds its own unique colours and advantages. From a practical perspective, folding wooden chairs are lightweight, easy to stack and store, and simple to move about, making them the perfect choice for an event venue or school setting.

If you’re in need of wooden chairs for any event or setting, you’ve come to the right place. All our wooden chairs are available for immediate purchase from our online store and benefit from fast delivery times across the UK.

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