Choosing the right banqueting chairs for your Christmas event

Choosing the right banqueting chairs for your Christmas event

With Christmas just around the corner, many venues are already booked solid for end-of-year parties and other festive events. Now is as good a time as any to make sure you’ve got an adequate supply of banqueting chairs to cope with the Yuletide rush, and maybe to consider replacing those chairs that have seen better days.

So what should you look for in a banqueting chair? These are a few things you should consider:


It goes without saying that you want your banqueting chairs to look good. If you have dozens or even hundreds of chairs in a function room, it’s nice to look over a sea of matching chairs undulating across the floor. There are plenty of designs to choose from, including padded chairs such as the Crown banqueting chair in elegant blue and gold, straight and curved back wooden chiavari chairs, or resin chiavari chairs that give the modern ghost chair aesthetic.


If you’re getting banqueting chairs in for Christmas events, why not buy models that match your festive colour scheme? From red cushions on a gold frame to the true opulence of gold wooden Chiavari chairs, you'll find something to fit into any Christmas setting.


Your new banqueting chairs are going to see a lot of use during the Christmas season, so it’s important that you buy ones that can withstand that level of activity. At Mogo Direct, all our banqueting chairs are built to last. Whether you choose our Chiavari chairs, made of sturdy European beechwood, or our other models with their resilient steel frames, you’re getting chairs that can handle regular use.


Different functions require different seating arrangements, so it’s important that your banqueting chairs can be put away for easy storage, when not in use. Many of our chairs are easily stackable, and we also supply trolleys for transporting them to your storage area.

Whatever you’re looking for in Christmas banqueting chairs, Mogo Direct can help. Take a look at our online store and place an order. If you have any queries, give the team a call on 01442 736 384.  

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