Enjoy National Storytelling Week With Comfy New Classroom Chairs

Enjoy National Storytelling Week With Comfy New Classroom Chairs

The week of 30th January to 6th February 2023 is National Storytelling Week in the UK. This annual event is a celebration of the power of stories and how sharing them brings us closer together. Schools, groups, and literary organisations across the country are planning special events and story times to get their communities involved in the festivities.

Unlike National Book Day, the focus of National Storytelling Week is not about reading stories for yourself but of sharing them with one another. Many of the activities taking place involve reading aloud to a group (or, more often, as a group) letting everyone get immersed in both the telling and the hearing of a tale.

This classic style of storytelling is best performed to an audience sat on comfortable chairs, which is where Mogo Direct can help. We have a an extensive selection of classroom chairs available in our online store, with something suitable for every age group.

Early Years and KS1 Pupils

For the youngest children in your school, you need chairs that are comfortable enough to prevent fidgeting, but not so cosy that they encourage dozing off during story time. You also need classroom chairs that are lightweight and easy to set up in a reading circle. Finally, any KS1 and Early Years chairs should be safe for little fingers, with no pinch points or folding parts. Our range of Affinity, Postura Plus, and Titan classroom chairs meet all of those specifications, as well as being available in bright and vibrant colours to suit the classroom aesthetics of your younger pupils.

KS2 Pupils

In the latter half of primary school, pupils are more apt to concentrate during storytelling time, but fidgeting in their chairs is often an issue, especially if they’re not currently the ones doing the storytelling! Our Titan range of chairs comes in skid base and 4-leg models, both of which provide a safe and stable base to prevent falling. Both models are also lightweight, which is ideal since KS2 children will likely be moving their own chairs into position.

KS3 Pupils

There’s no reason for National Storytelling Week to be restricted to primary schools. Secondary school pupils can get just as much out of the event, usually through telling their own stories. This could be ones they have already written, or an improvised group story that encourages creativity and cooperative tale-spinning. Once again, the Titan skid base and 4-leg classroom chairs are ideal for the job, keeping the pupils on a steady footing in case they get too involved in the session.

KS4+ Pupils

Pupils studying at GCSE and A-Level can always benefit from storytelling sessions. While notably useful for English language lessons and drama, they can also be put to good use for those studying modern languages, as well as those studying any of the humanities subjects. Whichever class is running the storytelling, you will need the right furniture for the job. At 14+, hopefully their fidgeting will be out of their respective systems, so you should concentrate on class seating that incorporates ergonomic design and full posture support such as our EVO range of reverse cantilever chairs. Alternatively, if you want to have a group storytelling exercise involving multiple classes across the KS4+ years, folding chairs are a quick and easy way to set up an assembly hall or auditorium. We stock models with plastic and padded seats, depending on your preference.

All the classroom chairs listed above, and so many more, are available for immediate purchase from the Mogo Direct online store. All purchases benefit from fast delivery times across the UK and schools throughout the country can apply for credit at checkout.
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