Adding Festive Magic to Your Folding Table

Adding Festive Magic to Your Folding Table

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are working out how best to accommodate the various friends and family members we’ve invited round for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day dinner. Of course, the simplest solution is often the most effective. At times like these a folding table and some chairs to match are the most convenient way to sit everyone down for a festive meal together.

The only problem is that folding tables tend to be quite utilitarian in their aesthetic. Plain and workmanlike in design, they are built for function rather than decoration, which can be a bit of downer during the Yuletide festivities.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few simple ways that you can spruce up your folding tables and chairs for the festive season.

Lay a Tablecloth & Dress the Chairs

We know it’s obvious, but you have to start these things from ground up. A good quality tablecloth goes a long way to giving you the desired impact for your Christmas dining table. While you might be tempted to go for festive patterns, perhaps with a snowman or Santa motif, plain white or black can be just as effective. They have the added bonus of being able to be used any time of the year. If you want the best of both worlds, simple greens and reds work well.

For the chairs, they can easily be dressed with organza ribbon tied into festive bows or helium filled balloons which are available to order online from card and party shops, florists, or Amazon.

A Table Runner

It’s not always easy to find a folding table that perfectly matches the height of your dining room table, but that’s not a problem. You can deliver the sense of continuity between the two by laying a central runner across the top of them. Usually thicker and heavier that the tablecloth, it’s held in place by its own weight.

As Mogo Direct's range of folding tables includes options that fold from the legs rather than the centre of the table, the table runner is the perfect place to add your decorations as the surface below it will be perfectly flat.

You can create a focal point across the runner, for example, with a bowl filled with festive fruits and nuts, baubles and pinecones, or other festive themed objects. Floral decorations including stems of Poinsettias, Christmas roses, Amaryllis, and branches of berries or even a small, decorated Christmas tree are another option for creating a striking table. Alternatively, you can keep things simple with some Christmas scented candles or tealights. Complete the look with a sprinkle of foil snowflakes or stars.

Place Settings

If you know how many people are coming to dinner, you can arrange the place settings accordingly. How elaborate you choose to go is entirely down to you, but we recommend a place mat for their bowls or plates, a neatly folded cloth napkin that either complements or contrasts with the tablecloth and the table runner. You can place each guests cutlery on the napkin, without worrying which way forks and knives should go. We do recommend two glasses per person – one for alcohol and one for water or soft drinks, purely as a matter of courtesy. Finish with a Christmas cracker or festive name holder for a fun touch.

Choosing the Right Table

Now that you know how to make your table look great, what size table should you plump for? At Mogo Direct, we always recommend leaving at least two spaces spare on your Christmas table settings, in case one of your guests brings along an unexpected +1 to the proceedings. Not only will this make you look hospitable if you end up entertaining more people, it gives everybody a bit more room to manoeuvre if nobody else turns up – a definite plus at Christmastime!

Folding Tables and Chairs from Mogo Direct

Our folding furniture comes in a range of sizes, enough to seat 2-4 people6-8 people, or 8-10 people, as needed. We even stock dining bundles, which include tables and chairs you can set up and fold away with ease. Both our Aran and our Big Classic ranges are available in this format and ready for immediate purchase from our online store.

However you choose to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, we hope you have an incredible time with the people who are dearest to you. Have a wonderful festive season, from all of us here at Mogo Direct.
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