Does a Folding Table Make a Good Desk?

Does a Folding Table Make a Good Desk?

If you’re working from home full-time or on a hybrid working pattern, you need the right kind of furniture for your home office. One of these will be a suitable office desk to work at – one that will provide sufficient room for your computer, phone, and office supplies, while also offering ample support for your equipment.

Among the many home office desks we have available in our online store, our range of folding office tables are among the most popular. In this article, we look at some of the benefits of using these models:

Folding legs

Unlike some desks that fold in the middle, our models have legs that fold inwards, much like a trestle table. This ensures a perfectly flat surface for your office equipment to sit on, with no risk of an uneven rise or bulge along the central hinge.

Strong and sturdy

All our folding office desks are built to offer optimal support. This includes strong, steel legs designed to bear an impressive amount of weight (over 205kg, depending on the model). This also ensures a sturdy working environment, with no wobbling or rocking while you do your job.

Safe and secure

All our folding tables include key safety features such as hard-wearing polyethylene table tops. These shockproof surfaces eliminate the risk of shorting electronic equipment such as laptops. The foldable legs lock automatically into place, preventing the tables from accidentally folding.

A range of sizes

We know that our customers have different space requirements for their office desks, which is why we have a variety of sizes to choose from. Our rectangular desks are 2ft wide, and available in lengths of 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft. You can even get a 3ft square model, perfect for a corner desk.

Easy to store

Folding office desks from Mogo Direct are lightweight and easy to move around the home. When folded down, they can be leaned flat against the wall or stored inside a wardrobe or cupboard.

Value for money

All our home office furniture represents great value for money, but you can make even greater savings by investing in one of our bundle options. These handy bundle include a folding desk and chair, saving your money on purchasing them separately.

To find the right folding office table for you, visit our online store today. For more information or advice, give the team a call on 01442 736 384 and speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.
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