What Fits More People, a Round or Rectangular Folding Table?

What Fits More People, a Round or Rectangular Folding Table?

When hosting an event, you want to maximise the amount of seating space available to your guests. A key consideration then, is the size, shape, and layout of your tables. Here at Mogo Direct, we are experts in event furniture, particularly in folding tables. We know how crucial these items are to your business and we want you to make the most of them.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the common sizes of folding tables and how many guests they can seat at any one time.

Round folding tables

These are perhaps the easiest to work out, so long as you know the diameter in feet. A 2’ bistro-style table, for instance, will seat two people, one across from the other. A 3’ table will seat up to 4 people. A 4’ table, up to 6 people, a 5’ table up to 8 people, a 6’ table up to 10 people, and so on.

Of course, we use the words “up to” and “comfortably” quite deliberately here. You may wish to seat more or fewer guests at each table, depending on the numbers, but the figures we’ve listed above make for a pleasant dining experience with enough room for everyone involved.

Square folding tables

The number of people you can fit at a square table depend on the length of each side and whether there’s enough room for someone to sit at each side in comfort, given that they will all need room underneath the table for their knees. Therefore, while both a 2½’ table and a 3’ table will accommodate 4 people, those on the smaller table will be more squashed in together.

It’s worth remembering that, while a round table 3’ in diameter and a square table 3’ along each side will seat the same number of people, the circular table will take up less space in your venue.

Rectangular folding tables

This is where you really get to play about with your spacings. If you want square or round tables that accommodate more people, those tables will need to extend in every direction, as they are symmetrical shapes. This may become impractical for some layouts. With rectangular tables, your only limitation is the size of your function room! It’s for precisely this reason that the top table at a wedding is a rectangle.

You want to leave about 2’ per person on the long side of the table and you will normally have room for an additional guest at either short end. So a 6’ long rectangular table would seat up to 8 people, while one that was a mere 4’ long would fit up to 6 guests.

Whether you choose round, square, or rectangular folding tables for your venue, you have come to the right place. At Mogo Direct, we have an extensive selection of plastic folding tables and wooden folding tables of all shapes and sizes, available for immediate purchase at our online store.

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