What are the Advantages of Folding Furniture?

What are the Advantages of Folding Furniture?

Here at Mogo Direct, folding furniture is a popular choice among many of our customers and it is easy to see why. Folding chairs and folding tables alike offer so many opportunities for flexible seating arrangements in workplaces, schools, hospitality venues, and more.

In this blog, we going to take a look at just some of the advantages folding furniture has to offer…

Save space

If you are limited on space or have a multi-purpose space, folding furniture is an excellent option, allowing you to provide tables and chairs to your guests when needed, and store them away when you require the room for other activities.

They are easy to drop-down and clear away, allowing you to free-up the maximum amount of floorspace with minimal effort, but perhaps the most obvious benefit of folding furniture is how little room it takes up once it has been folded down.


Not only do folding tables and chairs take up a small amount of space, they are also designed to be light and easy to move. Whether you’re moving them to the sides of a room in a multi-use space or putting them into storage between uses, this makes life so much easier.

High-quality, low cost

All our folding chairs and tables are constructed to the same high standards as their fixed-frame counterparts. They are built using the same quality materials as the rest of our range, ensuring long-lasting products that provide many years of service.


You want reliable chairs and tables, wherever you intend to use them and that's exactly what we offer. Our tables are built with hard-wearing table tops supported by sturdy steel frames and legs for improved loadbearing. Our chairs are built with steel frames for strength and stability, making them ideal for regular use.


Our folding furniture is versatile, being used in all manner of settings and industries. Our customers include schools, community centres, places of worship, Scout and Guide troops, workplaces, hotels, conference centres, and so many more.


At Mogo Direct, we believe that form and function are equally important. That’s why our furniture is as visually appealing as it is practical. Classic design aesthetics ensure great-looking tables and chairs, while we also supply cloths and covers for those special events.

Our entire range of folding chairs and tables is available for immediate purchase from our online store. Order today to benefit from fast delivery across the UK, as well as the best deals, underpinned by our Price Match Promise.
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