Fabulous Folding Furniture for Your Summer Church Fete

Fabulous Folding Furniture for Your Summer Church Fete

It’s summer time and that means summer fetes being held at churches across the country. These are fantastic events for the whole family, guaranteed to bring the community together. Whether it’s organised by the parish council, the local Scouts/Guides troops, or volunteers from the local schools, church summer fetes are a lot of fun.

In this article, we’re going too look at some ideas for stalls and activities you can set up at your fete, as well as some of the furniture you might need to ensure everything goes off without a hitch – both for this year and many years to come.

Prize Stalls

There are some stalls that are synonymous with summer fetes – usually simple games with a nice array of prizes donated by the local community. These include such traditional favourites as tombola, ring toss, coin toss, and so on. Other games involve delayed gratification, with visitors paying a fee to enter for a bigger prize, but not getting the results until the end of the day. These include raffles, guess the weight of the cake, name the bear, guess the number of sweets in the jar, etc.

For all these games, you need a strong, sturdy table. The Zown height adjustable rectangular folding table is an excellent choice for a variety of activities as it allows you to raise and lower to the table top to four different heights.

If you prefer a more traditional, fixed height option, the Zown rectangle plastic folding table provides a strong and versatile option that can hold the weight of the prizes and won’t be knocked down by dozens of guests getting involved in the activity.

Items for Sale

Book stalls, cake stalls, toy and game stalls, and general bric-a-brac are good fundraisers for any church fete. These often benefit from square or round tables, to give prospective buyers a chance to have a good look at what’s on offer, without causing a queue to build up. Using a mixture of different shaped tables also allows you to take advantage of different spaces, so you can fit in a few extra stalls and earn even more money for your church.

Face Painting and Accessories

A favourite for kids of all ages, a face painting stall is easy to set up. So long as you have a table for your paints and brushes, all you really need is a few folding chairs - one for each face painter, and a few chairs lined up as a waiting area for your customers. This set-up works for temporary tattoos, clip-on hair extensions, and other assorted stalls.

Our classic straight back folding chair is an excellent choice for areas where children will be taking part in activities as the colour options include blue and burgundy which create a fun aesthetic when mixed together.

If you want to create a more contemporary look, the Aran plastic folding chair is a great option, especially on a sunny day as the perforated seat and back are breathable for added comfort.

Live Entertainment

You might be lucky enough to have space at your summer fete for a band, a talent show, or even a piece of live theatre. If you don’t have enough church furniture to accommodate the audience, why not invest in a bundle of folding chairs? Easy to set up and put away, they can be used again and again for a variety of community events.


On a hot summers day, your guests are going to need snacks and drinks to keep going. While some are happy to eat and drink on the move, it’s nice to have a dedicated café area for people to have a rest, a sit down, and a chat.

Our Aran and Big Classic alfresco dining bundles are ideal for setting up an outdoor dining space and they are available as either a small bundle consisting of a 3ft square table and 2 chairs, or a large bundle with 4 chairs.

Arts and Crafts

Kids and adults alike love to get involved in arts and craft events at summer fetes and they are so easy to set up. All you need is the painting, drawing or crafting materials and a comfortable place for people to sit and create. These versatile tables and benches from GoPak are a great investment for any church, as they can be used throughout the year, whether in Sunday School activities, youth clubs, or anything else.

If you need church chairs and tables for your 2022 summer fete, order from Mogo Direct today. We have an extensive range of furniture in our online store, all of which comes with fast delivery to anywhere in the UK, as standard.

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