Facts You Need to Know About Folding Tables and Chairs

Facts You Need to Know About Folding Tables and Chairs

You have decided to purchase folding tables and folding chairs. Reaching a decision to purchase is one thing; however it would be nice for you to know everything about them beforehand. It would prepare you and everyone else who’d be using them for whatever is going to happen in the course of using those pieces of furniture.

The first thing you have to know about them is their versatility. They are used for a variety of purposes and settings. They can be used in conference rooms, function halls, meeting areas, schools, churches, and many other types of spaces. If they are needed, it’s easy to bring them out and just as easy to store after use on a handy storage trolley.


One of the great advantages that users of these pieces of furniture get is flexibility. It is easy enough to set up for a meeting in a function hall then quickly change the layout for a children’s party later on. But being available for many different uses also means that all of the furniture will get quite a lot of use, which is why it’s important to choose furniture that’s pretty tough and resilient to knocks.


That said it would be nice to find out more.


- Starting off with the chairs, the all metal ones are guaranteed to have the lowest prices. They require very little maintenance while being capable of heavy duty work. Comfort leaves a little to be desired since there is usually no padding, although that can be remedied.


- Plastic ones can also be considered good choices because it can withstand any weather and easily cleaned. It is thus ideal for use in outdoor events. It is also strong despite its light weight.


- Vinyl and fabric upholstered choices are also available. Fabric is number one when it comes to comfort and also presents a number of colour options. Vinyl, on the other hand, is the easiest to maintain.


- For the tables, the usual materials used are plywood, blow-moulded plastic, and particleboard. Plastic is recommended for heavy and intensive use, whilst particleboard is used for medium to light use.


- Steel legs are commonly used, but the strength usually varies. Always check the gauge of the steel used for the legs and the lower the number of the gauge then the stronger it is.


With us at Mogo Direct, you are assured of getting nothing but top quality products. That’s because we are known as the number one supplier of folding furniture throughout the UK. You are able to get the most out of your spaces while also getting the best possible value for your money. Please feel free to contact if you want to know more.

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