How to Extend the Life of Your Folding School Chairs

How to Extend the Life of Your Folding School Chairs

To say that the average school chair is subject to more than its fair share of daily punishment might just qualify for the understatement of the year. And while these don’t tend to be the most expensive of essential school resources, the costs of continually repairing and replacing school chairs can soon stack up.

As such, it’s always beneficial to be as protective and proactive as possible with these kinds of investments to ensure that they are looked after and will subsequently continue doing what they do for as long as possible. There may be no such thing as a folding school chair that lasts forever, but it’s certainly possible to extend the life of these kinds of chairs and ensure maximum value for money comes as standard.

Here is a quick look at five simple tips from the experts:

1 – Out of Harm’s Way

First up, when and where the chairs are not expected to be in use for some time, it simply makes sense to keep them out of harm’s way. If they’re left in the thick of things all day and every day, it’s inevitable that they’re going to get bashed, bumped and knocked all over the place…as is standard in a school environment. So when possible and convenient, try keeping them safely out of reach.

2 – Specialist Storage Products

Still on the subject of storage, there are plenty of specialist storage products available these days specifically for the purpose of better looking after folding chairs. From racks to trolleys and various other devices, there’s really no better way of going about safe storage.

3 – Cool, Dry, Dark

And just to round off with one final point on the storage theme, be sure that any folding classroom chairs stored away for longer periods of time are housed in areas that are cool, dry and dark – all of which will contribute to a longer usable product life.

4 – Occasional TLC

There’s very little that has to be done with regard to maintenance, but at the same time it’s a good idea to give your folding chairs just a little bit of occasional TLC. Along with a good wipe down when and where needed, a little lubrication to any moving parts on a periodic basis can work wonders.

5 – Quality Hardware

Last but not least, perhaps the single most effective way of extending the life of any school chairs is to invest in quality hardware in the first place. While it may involve spending a little more upfront, it nonetheless makes infinitely more sense to do so as opposed to a continually paying out for repairs and replacements having picked up substandard folding chairs.

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