Mogo Direct's Quick Guide to Wedding Furniture

Mogo Direct's Quick Guide to Wedding Furniture

At Mogo Direct we have a wide range of tables and chairs suitable for any wedding hire company. All of our furniture is sturdy and well-constructed to a timeless design. All that remains is the arrangement.


Trestle tables, or banqueting tables, create a more casual tone to a wedding or event. Traditionally, the top table would be expected to be made up of banqueting tables, to have the happy couple and their immediate family facing their guests throughout. Our premium banqueting tables are ideal for this.

Likewise, if the evening includes any kind of buffet, or even just a place to leave presents for the bride and groom, it would make sense to use banqueting tables to avoid clutter, and accidental drops and damage. No need to use a premium banqueting table for that, of course. We have equally sturdy, if more minimalist plastic trestle tables and wooden trestle tables available to suit any taste or budget.


We have a range of banqueting chairs to suit any aesthetic you’re going for. From the straight backs of our Royal banqueting chairs, to the more rounded Coronet range, all the way to the extravagant Starlite 100 banqueting chairs. All chairs are easily stackable when not in use, meaning the dance floor can be cleared following the reception.

For a more economical option, we offer bundles of stackable and foldable chairs and trolleys for dealing with larger numbers.

Finishing touches

Of course, what use is a bare table at a wedding? All of our banqueting tables have accompanying stretch covers and table cloths, perfectly matched to size.

At Mogo Direct, all our furniture is available online with fast delivery to the UK as standard, and next day delivery available on selected items. We offer free delivery on all orders over £600, and with many products we also offer the chance to try before you buy. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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