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Refresh Your Home Office Furniture For The Spring

Give Your Home Office a Spring Makeover

As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brighter, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into your home office space. Whether you're a remote worker, a freelancer, or simply someone who loves to have a designated workspace at home, a spring makeover can do wonders for your productivity and creativity. Imagine stepping into a refreshed environment that inspires you to tackle tasks with renewed energy and focus.

At Mogo Direct, we understand the importance of creating an inviting and functional workspace, which is why we've curated these top tips to help you transform your home office into a stylish sanctuary where work feels like a breeze. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to give your workspace the makeover it deserves this spring!

Clear the Clutter

With a large number of people transitioning to remote work during lockdown, it's not surprising that many home offices have become cluttered with papers, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items over the last few years. This clutter can not only make your workspace less productive, but also affect your mental clarity and focus.

Start by assessing your current workspace and identifying items that are no longer needed or serve a purpose. Consider implementing better storage solutions such as organisers, shelves, or file cabinets to help keep everything in its place. Create designated zones for different tasks to streamline your workflow and reduce unnecessary distractions. By decluttering your home office this spring, you'll create a more functional and inspiring workspace that will enhance your productivity and overall well-being.

Deep Clean and Sanitise

As you embark on your spring home office makeover, don't overlook the importance of deep cleaning and sanitising. Once the clutter has been cleared away, it's essential to pay attention to all surfaces, including floors. Begin by dusting off shelves, wiping down desks, and disinfecting commonly touched areas like doorknobs and light switches.

Invest in high-quality cleaning supplies that are tough on germs but gentle on your furniture. Consider using eco-friendly options to ensure a healthy workspace environment. Remember to clean electronic devices such as keyboards and computer screens as well. A thorough cleaning not only enhances the aesthetics of your home office but also creates a more hygienic space where you can work efficiently and comfortably.

Rearrange or Refresh Furniture

As the world grappled with lockdowns and remote work became the norm, many people hurriedly set up makeshift home offices in whatever space they could find. From kitchen tables to bedrooms, the lines between personal and professional spaces blurred. If remote work became a more permanent arrangement for you, it is crucial to consider investing in better options for a sustainable and efficient home office setup.

If your current desks are showing signs of wear and tear or no longer suit your aesthetic preferences, it may be time for an upgrade. Look for ergonomic chairs that offer both style and comfort, enhancing your productivity while adding a fresh look to your workspace.

Recommended Product: The Chicago desk with H-frame legs is available with a variety of pedestal options, but the 2/3 pedestals configuration is particularly popular. With a large drawer on one side of the desk, you can carefully hang files or store larger items while using the remaining, smaller drawers for paperwork, stationery and other supplies. The Chicago desk is available in white, beech, and oak — so you can choose the option that best suits your office decor. Additionally, it's available in 1600 mm or 1800 mm widths to fit your space requirements.

Recommended Product: If you opt for the white desk and are searching for the perfect chair to compliment the aesthetic, the Ezra bonded leather executive office chair in white is the ideal choice. Upholstered in plush bonded leather, it features a variety of ergonomic features and can be delivered flat packed or fully assembled.

Recommended Product: For a more traditional 'office style' aesthetic, you could opt for a fabric swivel chair such as the Vantage 100 high back operator chair which is available with no arms, fixed arms, or adjustable arms and with a choice of 5 colour options to suit your preference. Alternatively, for a more luxurious option, the Predator executive ergonomic gaming chair is a great choice that can also transition you from your working activities to home gaming. Built for long hours at the computer, it features a range of advanced ergonomic features as well as flip up arms.

Bring Spring Indoors

Infusing nature-inspired colours like fresh greens, sunny yellows, and calming blues can instantly transform your workspace into a rejuvenating oasis. These colours not only evoke feelings of growth and renewal but also promote productivity by creating a refreshing and energising atmosphere.

Incorporating elements of nature through decor pieces such as botanical prints, leafy plants, or floral arrangements can further enhance the Springtime vibe in your home office. Fresh flowers in bright hues can add a pop of colour and natural beauty to your workspace while uplifting your mood and infusing positivity into your workday. Embracing these on-trend nature colours alongside the presence of live plants or floral accents creates a harmonious blend that not only enlivens your space but also nurtures creativity and wellbeing within your work environment.

Take Your Work Outdoors

With the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer days ahead, why limit your work to indoor spaces? Embrace the beauty of nature by taking your office outdoors. A spring home office makeover can involve simple yet effective changes, like transitioning from a stationary desk to lightweight folding furniture that allows you to easily set up your workspace anywhere in your garden or patio.

Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee in hand, surrounded by blooming flowers and fresh air as you tackle your tasks. Working outdoors can bring a sense of calmness and inspiration that may be hard to find within four walls. Additionally, natural light is known to boost productivity and mood, making it an ideal setting for tackling challenging projects or sparking creativity.

Recommended Product: The Aran work from home bundle includes a sturdy 4ft x 2ft Zown folding table and our bestselling Aran folding chair that can easily be transported and erected in any location.

Enjoy Your Revamped Home Office

A spring home office makeover can bring new life and productivity to your workspace. Take the first step towards enjoying your revamped home office today by browsing the range and transforming your workspace into a place where creativity and productivity thrive.

By upgrading your office desk and chair or exploring flexible folding options, you can create a more comfortable and efficient work environment. The Mogo range offers stylish and functional solutions to suit your needs, and ordering online for fast UK delivery makes the process convenient and hassle-free.

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