Reorganise Your School or Church Hall

Reorganise Your School or Church Hall

With Christmas and the New Year approaching quickly, it’s a fantastic time to think about reorganising your hall in preparation for any seasonal events you may be hosting. At Mogo Direct, supplying halls with practical folding chairs and tables along with other key furnishings is one of our primary specialities, so we have a great range of products that may be suitable for what you need.

Of course, the first step you’ll need to take is to thoroughly clear out and tidy your hall space. It’s very common for miscellaneous bits and pieces to accumulate in school or church halls, as there simply may not be a place for everything to be tidied away immediately. If you want to maximise your space and put it to good use, though, you need to tackle this. Get your clutter organised and packed into storage if necessary.

Once your hall is ready to accommodate new furnishings, we would highly recommend some of the following…

Flexible Seating –

Our signature folding chairs are absolutely ideal for buying in large quantities and using to fill your hall for a Christmas party or any other special event. Whether you use them as community centre, church or school hall chairs, they’re top quality products that will do the job and fold away neatly to make storage simple.

Flexible Tables –

The same applies to our range of folding tables, including our new banqueting trestle tables. These are all easy to assemble, fold away and store, meaning they’re great for catering or creating a temporary setup in your hall for festive events.

Storage Trolleys –

These neat and compact chair and table trolleys are the best solution for both storing and handling your chairs and tables. They make it easier, faster and safer for you to set up your hall for any event and pack your products away when you don’t need them.

Bundles & Packages –

We are now offering some brilliant deals including large sets of folding chairs and tables complete with the appropriate storage trolleys and straps to match. These are an even better way to save more money when you choose to buy in bulk from Mogo Direct to kit out your hall in time for winter!

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