Revisited: St Thomas More Roman Catholic Church

Revisited: St Thomas More Roman Catholic Church

Customer Service is Key

There’s no shying away from how much we LOVE what we do. We’re proud of our products and passionate about flexible furniture. But. The joy we derive from our work remains in tact only and only if you, our customer, is happy. At the heart of all we do, customer satisfaction is our truest measure of success. So it is that our proudest achievements are actually the strong, lasting relationships we cultivate with our customers and clients along the way.

Today we’re talking about one such cherished association we share with The Roman Catholic Church of St Thomas More in Swiss Cottage, London and Rev Stefan Hnylycia who serves there as Parish Priest.

Situated in the bustling heart of an ever-changing NW3, here is an institution that has been a cornerstone of the community in Swiss Cottage since the first Mass was celebrated there in 1938. It has faithfully and unwaveringly continued to serve parishioners and the local community by providing a flexible, welcoming and safe place to meet and hold events.

Of course as the church grew busier, an eventual need for expansion was only inevitable and in 2012 St Thomas More Church embarked on a five year journey of growth. Building works came to an end in 2017, as did a complete redesign of the its' spaces. Naturally, a requirement for new furniture soon followed. With use of halls ranging from Catechism classes and mother-toddler groups to film clubs and year-round coffee mornings, church organisers were mindful that their focus on community welfare necessitated furniture that was flexible, multi-functional and resilient.

Armed with a budget, specification and clear vision, Mogo Direct set about fulfilling the task at hand; getting the brand new build furnished and fabulous!

Flexibility, Manoeuvrability & Storage

As with a lot of venues, St Thomas More doesn't have an infinite amount of space. The church rooms would go on to serve numerous groups, activities and purposes and as such, any furniture that came through the door would need to live up to these demands.

With this in mind, the church organisers opted for 70 of our Starlite 75 Chairs – elegant, luxurious seats that stack up to 10 high and stash away discreetly. Teamed with a complimenting chair trolley for ease of transportation and a range of Multipurpose Folding Tables, setting up for and tidying up after an event was made easier than ever.

Comfort, Weight & Ease of Handling

Alongside practicality and ease of storage, comfortability was a huge factor in the decision making process. On the lookout for chairs that provided extra padding and support without becoming bulky, boxy and frankly impossible to move, our Superstar Starlite 75 Chair was the perfect fit with it’s deeply padded seat and lightweight tubular frame. With a level of relaxation usually associated with heavier chairs, it was a refreshing and welcome acquisition - and we hear that coffee mornings at St Thomas More have never been more comfortable!

Style and Suitability

Sometimes, practicality comes at the cost of style. Being the beautiful, listed building that it is, maintenance of a certain level of decorum and elegance was of paramount importance. With its’ tasteful dark silver frame and regal burgundy upholstery, once again The Starlite 75 was just “meant-to-be”. The organisers’ choice of folding tables too lent themselves to a sophisticated finish.


With a space that needs to adapt to so many different causes, it’s not hard to imagine that storage space was a quintessential part of a successful refurbishment. The range of storage trays selected by St Thomas More facilitates exactly that; with various trays and organisational units allowing for a neat and compartmentalized storage solution.

What they purchased: Folding Flexi-Tables, Starlite 75 Chairs, Trumpet Boardroom Table, Otto Tilt-Top Table and an array of Storage Tray Units.

What Fr Stefan had to say: The furniture we purchased is both elegant and solid; it doesn’t feel like it’s folding or stackable at all! (But it is!) It was great to have Mogo Direct here at the church.

What Mogo Direct had to say: Working with the fabulous people at St Thomas More was a beautiful, enriching experience. Being able to help them find the flexible furniture they needed was such a pleasure and we hope they get many years of use and joy from their purchases. It was wonderful for us to see our furniture being put to such great use.

Mogo Direct can help you too!

We offer a wide selection of folding and stacking chairs & tables that are ideal for use in any church, community centre, school or hall space.

For further information visit today, call us on 01442 233 384 or send us an email We can’t wait to hear from you!

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