Screens for the Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Industry

Screens for the Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Industry

While we may be eager to return to “normal” after lockdown, the safety of you, your staff, and the public is our main priority until we’re given the all clear. However, safe doesn’t have to mean boring or isolated. With our range of screens utilising clear Perspex your safety can be assured, without the feeling of being boxed in.

Stationary Screens

Whether you’re a café, restaurant, or even a hairdresser, our range of Hospitality Partition Screens are ideal for creating booths or sectioning off areas without having to feel confined. The screens consist of two panels inserted into a steel frame to ensure stability in your setup. The top panel is made of clear Perspex, whilst the bottom is available in Perspex, marble, leather, or wood effects. The selection of materials means these screens blend into any decor, providing visibility and protection without compromising style. Measuring over 6 feet tall and having two width options (750mm hospitality screen and 1500mm hospitality screen), they can provide ample coverage, without taking up your whole workspace.

Mobile Screens

Some businesses, such as shops and multipurpose spaces, need flexibility in their set-ups, and the Sauber Mobile Protection Screen is perfect for those situations. Made up of thick poly-vinyl inside a wheel mounted frame, this screen provides the same protection, without committing to one set up. Available in four widths (800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm & 2000mm) whilst not compromising on height, this screen is able to deliver tailored protection for any set up. Want something more specific? We offer bespoke sizes and colours on orders of over 20 screens to allow for even further customisation in larger spaces.

Desktop Screens

For the receptionists, cashiers and pub staff who need a screen for their counter or desk we have the Pro Acrylic Freestanding Desktop Screen. Available in 6 different widths (800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm & 1800mm) and a height of just over 2 foot, this screen can fit into any workstation. The acrylic screens are transparent and available with a letterbox style cut out to adhere to social distancing guidelines, without losing visibility or functionality.

If you require screens for your business, order from us online for fast UK delivery, or call us on 01442 736 384 for more information and help with choosing the right product for your space.

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