Social Spacing – Creating Safe Breakout Areas for Our Key Workers

Social Spacing – Creating Safe Breakout Areas for Our Key Workers

Thanks to modern technology and instant communication, many of us are in the privileged position of being able to work from home. But for so many key workers; from NHS staff to supermarket operational teams, this simply isn't an option.

Coronavirus and Our Key Workers

Recent government guidelines mean that most shared spaces, like breakout areas, canteens and dining rooms are no longer "safe" for our heroes to unwind during their shift. Traditional seating arrangements in these areas are often grouped together, making it extremely difficult for individuals to

(i) adhere to social distancing measures as we're advised
(ii) keep themselves safe!

Multifunctional, Versatile Furniture

We supply smart, flexible furniture - it's what we do! Think folding tables, independent study desks and multipurpose chairs that can be supplied from stock, at a moment's notice, to create a clean, comfortable environment for staff to grab a bite, or simply decompress.

Observing Physical Distance

With school closed and exams cancelled, we have a high stock of our folding exam desks. Whilst these are traditionally used staggered in examination halls, we've seen them being repurposed across the country as individual lunch tables.

Measuring 600mm x 600mm, our exam desks are ideal as a "table for 1," be that for work, lunch or a tea-time sit down. They can be placed sufficiently far apart to maintain distance and can be wiped down (before and after use) and neatly stored away if required.

Our Heroes Deserve a Break Too

Along with wipe-clean, individual folding tables, we have 100% virgin plastic folding chairs, like The BigClassic Chair, that we can readily supply to those needing further welfare capacity.

We also have chairs like the EN one; one piece plastic, easily wiped clean; The Titan+ Antibacterial, that actively kills 99% of all known human bacteria to touch. Now that we know Coronavirus can live on the surfaces we touch, regularly wiping down the spaces we eat and sit in can help us to reduce risk.

We're Here to Help

We are eager to help in any way we can and instead of storing furniture that is not going to be used, we'd love to see it being put to use where its needed most. If you'd like to know more, call us today on 01442 233384 or send us an email to - let's talk.

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