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Work From Home: Furniture That Will Help You Embrace The New Norm

30 March 2020

Work From Home: Furniture That Will Help You Embrace The New Norm


Take Time to Adjust

Whether you're a business, charity, family or individual; these are unprecedented times. If you find yourself at home, all of a sudden trying to make time, and space, for a classroom AND office - you'll be relieved to hear that we've got eveything you need to set up.

Folding Tables

Where space is at a premium, multifunctional rooms and creative furnishing is key. How about our Zown Classic Folding Tables that facilitate meetings, dining and independent work? With our roomiest table now a generous 3ft wide, there's room for everything! The best part is that that they wipe clean, and can just as easily be stashed away, or put to use in the garden (hello, alfresco dining!) at the weekend. We stock every shape and size imaginable; so whatever the space you have available, we've got you covered.

Space Saving Stacking Chairs

Need more chairs at the table? We can help.

There are a range of styles and designs available, from the traditional and ever popular plastic stacking chairs from Hille, to the most contemporary of sled based designs like the new Sid Chair or the Flux Chair from Origin.  What's more, many of our stacking chairs are available with options like armrests, upholstery and tablets so you can tailor the chair to your taste, space and needs.


How about a spring clean, some newly organised pedestal drawers, and a "clear-desk policy" for parents and children alike? A clutter-free workspace will only add to productivity, creativity and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Want to learn more about how we can help?

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