Why Chiavari Chairs are Perfect for Weddings

Why Chiavari Chairs are Perfect for Weddings

Chiavari chairs are perhaps the most popular design for weddings and other social events, but what makes them such a good choice? Here are just a few reasons why Chiavari chairs are people’s go-to design for the biggest day of their lives.

Classy, but not showy

The inspiration for the Chiavari chair came from the earlier style known as French Empire. These chairs were made from wood, with the arms, legs, and backs often ornately curved. The inventor of the Chiavari chair, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, stripped down all that ornamentation to produce the timeless, sleeks design we know and love. They look great – perfectly suited for your wedding day – without overshadowing the occasion.

A perfect canvas

There’s so much you can do to personalise a Chiavari chair. Their open design allows for the attaching of ribbons and sashes, balloons and tassels, and so much more. You can use cushions or throws to add a splash of colour – whatever takes your fancy.

Dare to be bare

That said, a well-made Chiavari chair looks just as good in its natural state. Whether you favour straight-backed Chiavari chairs or curved-back Chiavari chairs, they can still look amazing without any additional fripperies.

Lightweight yet sturdy

Chiavari chairs are masterpieces of engineering. Lightweight in construction, they can still hold an impressive amount of weight. The two are not unrelated. Each part of a Chiavari chair is designed to handle the very specific types of force acting on it, be it tension, compression, torsion, or whatever. This intricate balancing act helps to spread the weight most effectively.

They give an open feel to your room

Full-backed banqueting chairs can often make a room feel smaller than it is. They are solid blocks of colour that can give a room a cluttered appearance. For a more open feeling for you and your guests, Chiavari chairs are hugely recommended as they have the opposite effect and really do open up rooms.

At Mogo Direct, we have a range of Chiavari chairs available to buy from our online store. They come with fast UK delivery as standard and are a worthwhile addition to any wedding. 

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