Food of Love: How to Make Your Food Court Inviting

Food of Love: How to Make Your Food Court Inviting

Good food and a pleasant environment in which to eat it are both essential for any educational establishment. It offers students somewhere to wind down from their lessons and enjoy a nutritious meal that will help fuel both body and mind.

Of course, different schools, colleges, and universities have different layouts. However, if you’re looking to redesign or refurbish your current food court arrangements, here are some ways in which Mogo Direct can help.

Snack bars and other outside food stations

Great for break times and during the summer months. We have several outdoor options that might suit, including chair and table bundles like the Milano Aluminium and the Milano Wicker bistro bundles.

Packed lunch section

Where students bring their own lunches, it’s easy to set up a simple arrangement of tables and benches that will cover most of their needs. If space is at a premium and your packed lunch area is put to other uses throughout the school day, then Axis Tilt Top Dining Tables offer the same pleasant dining experience, while being easily folded away. We also stock individual benches and tables, ideal if you need to expand your packed lunch section at a future date.

Hot Food Section

Some school canteens are laid out for high volume seating, allowing room for as many kids as possible at any given sitting. Other establishments have smaller, more intimate eating arrangements, depending on their size and shape of available space. Whichever description applies to you, we have the solution.

Coffee bar

More common in colleges and universities than primary and secondary schools, a coffee bar is a great way for students (and staff!) to get that all-important caffeine and sugar fix. We have a range of tables and chairs that will make the perfect addition to such a place.

All the products listed here – and many more – are available for immediate purchase from our online store and benefit from fast delivery across the UK. Remember that all schools and other government-funded organisations automatically qualify for an instant 30-day credit account.

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