Back to School: September 2019. Are you Ready?

Back to School: September 2019. Are you Ready?

As we all feel the heat this summer, September might seem a far off dream, but sorry to break it to you, it’s really right around the corner! What’s more, with our amazing range of school furniture from chairs and desks to storage and bookshelves, you’ll be counting down the days until you’re back in the classroom.

Can all the students take their seats?

Whether you’re a primary or secondary school, a college, university, or even a nursery, Mogo have got the chairs for you and your students.

Younger years will love our vibrant Postura+ chairs whose light-weight and one-piece design make them easy for small hands to grip. Teachers will love that they stack 12 high, allowing them to transform the space for dynamic lessons.

For older students and discussion-based learning, these Jasper Contemporary Chairs with Writing Tablet allow them to take notes comfortably, while still encouraging participation and removing the barrier of a desk between students and the audience.

Don’t forget the ICT suite - we offer swivel chairs and stools in a variety of designs. If students are spending a lot of at the computer such as A-Level or university students, we have options like the GEO Swivel Chair to promote the best posture over long periods of time.

Breaking Out of the Classroom!

Life at school isn’t limited to the classroom so don’t neglect what goes out elsewhere. Whether you’re after tray storage for the cloakroom, tables for your canteen or furniture for the staff offices, you’ll be impressed with the quality and variety we have available.

Browse our education furniture range online today and get everything in one place. If you have any questions about our products or services, our friendly staff are more than happy to answer your questions on 01442 736 384.

Roll on September!

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