Material Matters: Make Sure the Furniture You Choose is Right for You

Material Matters: Make Sure the Furniture You Choose is Right for You

The material of a piece of furniture plays a big part in its use and how we feel about it. For folding chairs, folding tables and stacking chairs, there are plenty of different options from natural to man-made. When looking to purchase furniture, consideration of what sort of material is important. Different materials feel different, will withstand different conditions, and of course, affect the overall look of a piece.

Before you decide on a material, you should consider where your furniture is going to be. If it’s outside you will need to have different requirements compared to if it is inside, specifically, the weather. All our products are of high quality and fit for purpose, and a quick browse through our outdoor chairs will show you that you don’t have to compromise on style.

Go Rustic

Wood is a warm and evocative material. Our Skara folding chairs made of solid beech feel gorgeous and look wonderful in a rustic setting. They bring a warmth and natural touch to any space. Our Julietta chair is in a darker shade to the Skara, giving an elegant and timeless look and perfect for weddings, dining rooms and vintage events.

Have a Clean Start Every Day

If you’re working in a nursery or childcare setting, you’ll know all too well the value of easily cleaned furniture. Children will love our one piece plastic chairs for their funky design and bright colours, but you might be more impressed with how durable and stain-resistant they are! The one-piece plastic mould avoids hinges that might trap little fingers but they are light and easily stackable, so will store just as well. Many such as this Pop One Piece Plastic Chair are 100% recyclable, meaning they’re perfect for the future generation, and for the generations after that too!

Maximise Versatility

Many of our chairs mix strength and comfort by opting for a plastic seat and backrest, which can be padded, with a powder-coated steel frame. Options like the Jupiter Conference Chair or the Comfort Deluxe Padded Folding Chair can provide the best of both worlds and provide a professional look. These kinds of chairs can be used for anything from offices, town halls, meeting rooms and assemblies.

In the Mogo Direct range of quality furniture, we cater to all tastes from elegant wooden options to cheerful plastic and versatile combinations. What they all have in common is comfort, quality and great design. If you’re not sure what material would be best for you, or would like to ask about any of the beautiful options we have on our website, call us today on 01442 736384.

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