Become a Trade Partner Today

Become a Trade Partner Today

Supporting a range of industries has not just been a pleasure, but a passion for the Mogo Direct team - especially with such fantastic customers. We may be specialists in folding furniture, but we also supply all our customers with a personal and approachable service, guaranteeing them a safe and reliable service.

But did you know that we provide a beneficial service for trade?

Despite providing the usual business for our customers, we have expanded, working together with trade businesses and providing more opportunities for all.

What are the benefits of becoming a trade customer with Mogo Direct?

Affordable pricing:

We can provide you with exclusive rates that will allow you to acquire a price that suits you and your requirements. By becoming our trade customer, you will be able to have delivery rates and bulk product pricing that will align with your business actions.

Professional samples:

Our samples can provide your customers with a clearer image of our products, allowing them to test their durability, style, and comfort.

Available for large orders and on a sale or return basis, you can provide your customers with the latest folding equipment on the market.

Trade advice that keeps pushing you forward:

It is essential to choose the right products for you and your customers, and here at Mogo Direct, we support you from start to finish. Our team can provide you with detailed product information and guidance on how to use your new equipment effectively so you can pass on this information to your customers. You will be able to give your customers the knowledge they need to use our products effectively.

For example, your customer may be a school in which they have purchased exam desks. By becoming a trade partner, you will be able to provide extensive knowledge about their exam desks and how they can utilise their new equipment effectively.

We support and guide our trade customers, making sure that they receive fast and reliable service from our team.

Bold marketing that was made to be different:

When you become a trade customer with Mogo Direct, we provide you with high-quality marketing material, allowing you to showcase our products to a high standard.

You will become a vital furniture commodity to a range of customers, and with our hi-resolution professional product imagery, you will be able to do just that.

Supporting you where it matters:

Support doesn’t end after your transaction - we will provide you with a whole range of useful tips, product advice, and after-sales support.

Become a trade member today:

We provide a high-quality, reliable and resourceful service to all of our trade customers, supporting them throughout their supplier journey. Interested? Then contact our team today who will be happy to answer any queries you may have a join the ever-growing Mogo Direct community today.

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