Setting Up for a Successful Exam Season

Setting Up for a Successful Exam Season

With the exam period looming on the horizon, it is as good a time as any for your school to take stock of its furniture inventory and to ensure that is has the equipment necessary for the job.

Here at Mogo Direct, we have been supplying schools, colleges, universities, and all manner of educational establishments with the very best in exam furniture for more than fifteen years. We pride ourselves on providing quality furniture solutions for every level of the educational system, something to which our thousands of satisfied clients will readily attest.

As the exam period approaches, it is only natural that our most popular items can be found among our extensive range of exam desks, folding chairs, and stacking chairs, which makes these categories the ideal places to start looking for the perfect furniture solution.

Exam desks

All Mogo Direct exam desks are lightweight in construction and can be set-up with a single motion. This means that filling an entire examination hall can be done in record time. Despite their light build, they are both sturdy and durable and come as single units, or as money-saving bundles, complete with trolleys for easy storage.

Folding Chairs for Schools

We have an extensive range of folding chairs. Available in wood, plastic, or metal, each model is constructed to the highest possible standards, coming with a minimum five-year guarantee as standard. Like our exam desks, our folding chairs are available as multi-item bundles, saving you hundreds of pounds on their individual unit prices.

Furniture for Schools

Some educational centres prefer different furniture for their exams, and we are happy to accommodate that here at Mogo Direct. We offer classroom chairs and tables as alternatives to the more formal exam desks and folding chairs. Many of these can be stacked for easy storage.

All the above items – and so much more – is available for immediate purchase from our online store. If your school or college is looking for the very best in exam furniture you can order through the website, or feel free to give us a call on 01442 736 384 for further information. And remember: all schools and government-funded organisations automatically qualify for a 30-day instant credit account.

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