Our Guide to Choosing the Best Folding Exam Desks & Chairs

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Folding Exam Desks & Chairs

Choosing the right school chairs and tables for exam time is an important consideration for any educational establishment. Students up and down the school years will be taking part in one set of examinations or another or having mock exams in preparation for the real deal. Hundreds of children, sitting hundreds of exams over a period of weeks and months – you need furniture that is up to the job.

So what should you be looking for?


Yes, it is an examination environment and, yes, any given student is only likely to be utilising their chair and exam desks for a couple of hours at most. However, the comfort of the pupil undertaking the test remains of paramount importance. There are enough distractions during an exam, without adding to them with back twinges that set in after half-an-hour because suitable back support was lacking from the chairs, or the desks were too high for comfortable use.


Students come in all shapes and sizes. In an examination environment, it is essential that the furniture they use is up to the task of supporting not only them but also the hundreds of other pupils who will use it in due course. You need a robust steel frame, with sturdy grips on the feet, hard-wearing plastic, durable enough to withstand thousands of student posteriors over its years of use. Our Big Classic Folding Chair has all of these qualities, and folds away for easy storage.

Speaking of which...


After exam time has passed, what then? Ideally, you want a set of chairs and desks that can be easily folded away and loaded onto a trolley for ease of storage. Why not check out our extensive range of exam desks, suitable for any school or university.

Here at Mogo Direct, we have a range of chairs and exam desk bundles available for order, including fast UK delivery. Any school or other government funded organisation is eligible for a 30-day credit account with us, so visit us today and browse our full range.

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