Setting up your venue for Christmas and New Year events

Setting up your venue for Christmas and New Year events

As winter draws in, we naturally begin to head into the wonderful festive season. The Christmas and the New Year period can be very busy for venues with many functions and events taking place. If you operate a venue then now is the ideal time to think about how you can set it up to make your events run smoothly.

Here at Mogo Direct, we are experts in providing flexible seating, tables and storage solutions. Here are a few of our top tips to help you set your venue up for any upcoming parties or celebrations:

Folding chairs

Folding chairs are a simply superb idea for your school, village or community hall. They are easy to move around which gives you great flexibility in laying your seating out along with being compact to store after use. Our top quality folding chairs offer a tough, durable design at great low prices to provide the above benefits. Available in plastic or metal, they are extremely comfortable to sit on and come with a Mogo Direct guarantee.

Folding tables

If you need tables setting up in your venue for a Christmas lunch or New Year party, then folding tables are a cost-effective and wise option. They allow you to have the facility to provide table space but without having tables taking up space in your venue when not needed. Our folding tables come in a range of designs and are easy to set-up or take-down. From height adjustable to centre folding, you will be sure to find one that meets your needs this festive season.

Storage trolleys

If you want a fast, safe and easy way to transport your folding chairs or tables, then a storage trolley is a must. The folding chair and folding table storage trolleys we stock at Mogo Direct are superb value for money and made from the best quality materials. Designed to work with our range of folding chairs and tables, they will also give you a space-saving way to store them when not in use.

Christmas bundles

If you want to save even more money on your venue set-up, why not try our bundle packages? These are simply brilliant deals as they have sets of folding tables and chairs along with the relevant storage trolleys included in one simple bundle. Buying directly in bulk from us in this way will save you money but still allow you to deck your hall out as needed for any event.

Browse our range today

If you need the best value and best quality folding tables and seating this winter, then check out our range today. We offer a wide range of choice at the best prices to make sure any events you hold will go with a real bang!

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