Social Distancing: Adapting to the New

Social Distancing: Adapting to the New "Normal" As The UK Re-Opens

With lockdown measures finally showing signs of easing, people across the UK are set to return to work, school and society over the coming days, weeks and months. To make the return as smooth and safe as possible, it’s imperative that all places of work, education, meeting and community adhere to the guidelines and restrictions, as laid out by our government. So whether you’re an office, school or manufacturing/distribution centre set to re-open soon, we understand that precaution and preparation is key to ensuring safety.

We’ve been working hard to compile suggestions and solutions that adhere to social distancing guidelines, to help you “divide(r screens) and conquer” at school and work!

Physical Distancing in Breakout Areas

The latest government advice means that current breakout areas, canteens, dining rooms and shared spaces are no longer fit for use, as seating in these areas is often closely crammed together, making it difficult to observe social distancing guidelines.

Our social distancing furniture sets include single exam desks and wooden square varnished tables with a variety of seating options that can be used in staff break areas, office canteens or staff rooms to comply with Public Health England’s requirements for social distancing at work.

The same setup is easily transferable to the classroom environment, with desks being placed at least 6ft apart.

Protecting Staff in The Office

What is a 'COVID-secure' workplace?

A COVID-secure workplace allows an organization's employees to work safely work and collaborate effectively while adhering to social distancing. In light of the distancing guidelines that have been passed down, this means that various adaptations need to be made to accommodate distancing guidelines.

Barriers such as protective desk screens that shield and keep employees safe are by far one of the best solutions, limiting the risk of airborne germs between colleagues.

Our Sauber Screen is one such example of is a barrier screen against the coronavirus; it ensures visibility and contact with colleagues is possible, while at the same time keeping the risk of infection as low as possible. We keep those in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Chairs with Writing Tablets

From meetings to training in the office, to class exercises and independent work at school – a mobile chair with a folding tablet is a neat, safe and universal solution when a little extra space is required. We have chairs to suit every style and budget.

Wipe Clean Chairs and Tables

The government has issued new guidance on how different workplaces should be made safe for staff during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the key measures is to keep work stations clean and sanitised at all times. We have a wide range of folding tables and folding chairs, suitable for use in both the workplace and at school, that wipe-clean and make light work of adhering to protocol. For example our Classic Folding Chair is a lightweight, wipe-clean option for canteens, classrooms, break rooms and even the office.

Furthermore, our folding tables are proving extremely popular across construction sites and distribution centres, where they’re being utilised for “hand sanitising stations” at the point of entry, and also within company canteens.

Buy online to today or call us on 01442 736 384 to discuss your requirements and create a safe space for employees, teams, teachers and students.

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