A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Office Chair

A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Office Chair

If you’re one of thousands of people in the UK currently working from home, you need to set up some kind of home office. This means finding a space and ensuring that you have the right furniture and equipment to do your job properly. This will include a desk, some storage space and, of course, a chair.

Choosing the right home office chair is important for both your immediate comfort and your long-term health and well-being. The wrong chair can lead to back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a range of other office-related maladies.

Here at Mogo Direct, we understand the importance of a good quality home office chair. We have put together the following list of things you should look for before deciding on a particular model.

Lumbar support

You will be sat in your chair for hours at a time, so support for your lower back is essential. Without adequate support at the base of your spine, you can soon develop back strain. This is painful enough in its own right but, left untreated, can deteriorate into something more debilitating, like sciatica.

Our range of 24 hour swivel chairs are ergonomically designed for long periods of use, and provide physio approved lumbar support.

Adjustable settings

For maximum comfort, it’s important that you be able to adjust your home office chair. At the very least, you should be able to raise and lower the seat to get you to the right height for your desk. An adjustable back is also useful, as are headrests for specialist chairs. One area that is often overlooked is adjustable arm support, but this is essential in preventing upper back and shoulder strain.

Wheeled base

There’s nothing unusual about a home office chair with a wheeled base – most of them have one. It remains an important part of your seating arrangements, as it makes it easier to reach across your desk if you are using a wheeled chair. 

Swivel base

Swivel chairs are about as common as wheeled office chairs, and with good reason. They make it easier to operate at your desk and lower the risk of lumbar strain and arm fatigue.


Your choice of material depends on what you want from your chair. You may prefer the sumptuous luxury of a leather office chair, the padded comfort of a fabric office chair, or the pleasant airiness of a mesh-backed office chair. Fortunately for all our customers, we have plenty of each available in stock.

You can find the perfect home office chair in our online store. All of them are available for immediate purchase and come with fast delivery across the UK.

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