Social Distancing in the Community: Furniture Solutions for Restaurants, Cafés, Village and Community Halls

Social Distancing in the Community: Furniture Solutions for Restaurants, Cafés, Village and Community Halls

With lockdown measures being eased across the UK, and restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries, museums, cinemas and community spaces being given the green light to re-open again, we understand that quite some adjustment will be required in order to allow for strict adherence to social distancing guidelines.

“Society” is indeed set to look very different to anything we have known before. In order to make the return as smooth and safe as possible, it’s imperative that we adhere to the relevant guidelines and restrictions; so whether you’re a restaurant, community hall or place of work, precaution and preparation is key to ensuring utmost safety for your staff, team and customers.

Innovative Configurations for Distancing

We’ve been working hard to compile suggestions and solutions that adhere to social distancing guidelines, including our new range of Zown Classic Tables, which can now be laid out in innovative formations to facilitate distancing and adequate spacing in public spaces.

Where people will begin to gather again, in canteens, school halls, offices, conference venues, communal dining areas, church and village halls - and even at weddings, parties and events going forward - our Zown Classic Tables can be strategically used to facilitate spacing and safety.

Where individuals might otherwise have sat next to each other, through clever configurations, they can now be spaced out and at ease. We have some ready to go bundles for you, available from stock for immediate delivery!

Wipe Clean Folding Tables for Indoor and Outdoor Dining

As of 4th July 2020, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés will be allowed to reopen their doors; to allow for distancing whilst ensuring maximal capacity, it will become vital to use all available space – both indoors and out. Once again, our Folding Zown Tables are ideal – UV and water resistant, they are easily moved around and can be folded and stored away on our trolleys when not in use. They also wipe clean and can therefore be disinfected between each use. We offer various sizes, suitable for everyone from the solo dinner, to a family and friends reunion!

Additional Measures

Where people are seated less than 2 metres apart, the government has directed pubs and restaurants to install perspex screens. Such screens will shield and protect against the spread of coronavirus by limiting airborne germs.

We have a large range of floor and table screens to choose from; from village halls to church offices to restaurant floors; there’s a shape, size and design for everyone

We keep many of these in stock and ready for a very quick delivery.

We have a wide range of folding chairs that wipe-clean and make light work of adhering to protocol. For example our Classic Folding Chair is a lightweight, wipe-clean option for canteens, break rooms, outdoor dining and overflow seating. They can also be set out for customers to rest should they be waiting in a queue.

Buy online today or call us on 01442 736 384 to discuss your requirements and create a COVID-secure space for everyone.
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