5 Top Tips for Choosing Café Furniture

5 Top Tips for Choosing Café Furniture

Whether you’re running a pop-up shop or an established café, choosing the right furniture is an essential component of your business’ success. At Mogo Direct, we have helped thousands of customers get their café tables and café chairs just right, and we like to think we know a thing or two about the furniture game.

Here are five top tips for choosing the ideal café furniture:

1. A strong concept

What sort of café are you running? Is it closer in feel to a student hangout or a high-end bistro? A stop-off for workers or a meeting venue for local entrepreneurs? Whatever your vision (and there’s nothing wrong with aiming for multiple demographics), your café furniture should reflect it.

2. Striking design

People remember furniture that is bold and striking, so don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary that will get people talking. Whether a bamboo and wicker effect chair, a driftwood table, or anything else, feel free to experiment.

3. Quality construction

The best-looking chairs and tables in the world are no good if they collapse under regular use. All Mogo Direct café tables and café chairs are built to the highest standards, ensuring many years of effective use.

4. Comfort

Style and sturdiness are important considerations, but most café customers have come in to relax over a hot coffee and something to drink, and they want to be comfortable as they do so. Upholstered chairs are always a popular choice, as are sofas for that authentic ‘Central Perk’ feel.

5. Tying it all together

While some cafes like their furnishings to have an eclectic look, most prefer their café chairs to complement their café tables, lending the whole room a sense of cohesion and conformity that puts their regulars at ease. A quick look at the various bistro bundles we have available will show you how easy it is to achieve this effect.

At Mogo Direct, we have an extensive range of café furniture available to order from our online store, including café chairs and café tables. All our furniture benefits from fast delivery times across the UK. If you’re not sure whether or not a particular piece is right for you, you can always enquire about our try before you buy service, which offers you a no-risk solution to all your furniture needs.

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